Middle School Mastery

Good Tutoring, From Fellow Students

Support Highland students, as well as your own student, by hiring us to tutor your child. We charge competitive rates, allowing you to enjoy our skillset for a low cost - in fact, if our first lesson leaves you dissatisfied, the whole experience will be free. Our team of high-achieving freshman can promise to mix student-to-student understanding and collaboration with plenty of academic skills, as found below.

Meet the Team

William Johnson

I graduated as Hillside Middle School's top math student, and placed third at the district MathCounts competition that year. While math is my strongest subject, I am also a strong student in reading and passionate about science, placing third in my category for the State Science Fair. I also served as a Student Body Officer for the 2022-2023 school year.

Thomas Hall

I graduated Hillside Middle School as president of the Student Body Officer class of 2022-2023. I was among Hillside's top math students. I won the State Science Fair in the category Materials Engineering. While my skills are best fitted to science, I also love history, language arts, civics, and music theory.

Thomas Lambert

I graduated Hillside as a member of the MELP program, and participated in many extracurricular activities. I currently sing in the most advanced choir at Highland, and am currently in the fall musical Big Fish. I have a diverse skill set, although my strongest subjects are music, theater, language arts, and math.

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