William Johnson

I graduated as Hillside Middle School's top math student, and placed third at the district MathCounts competition that year. While math is my strongest subject, I am also a strong student in reading and passionate about science, placing third in my category for the State Science Fair. I also served as a Student Body Officer for the 2022-2023 school year. These are my academic achievements, but there's more to me than that: I run cross country, I play the guitar and saxophone, I enjoy bouldering at Momentum, and I am a strong swimmer. You should get a quick response through my phone number or email below.

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Thomas Hall

I graduated Hillside Middle School as president of the Student Body Officer class of 2022-2023. I was among Hillside's top math students. I won the State Science Fair in the category Materials Engineering. While my skills are best fitted to science, I also love history, language arts, civics, and music theory.

Thomas Lambert

I graduated Hillside as a member of the MELP program, and participated in many extracurricular activities. I currently sing in the most advanced choir at Highland, and am currently in the fall musical Big Fish. I have a diverse skill set, although my strongest subjects are music, theater, language arts, and math.